Call for application - June 2017
Assistant Professor-Neurosciences-Rouen Normandie


Assistant Professor in Neurosciences-Neuro-oncology at the Normandie Rouen University

    The University of Rouen Normandie nurtures internationally strong social and economic links in the fields of energies, aeronautics, logistics, transports and mobility, cosmetology and health. It plays a major role in terms of innovation, through learning institutes, clusters and competitive hubs. The Institute for Research and Innovation in Biomedicine (IRIB - FED4220) is a Federative Structure of Research regrouping all the resources of biomedical research in Haute-Normandie with the objective to develop a high-level biomedical research particularly focused on the understanding of disease physiopathology and the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic tools thanks to the complementarities of clinicians, biologists and chemists of the Normandie Rouen University.

Tenure track as Assistant Professor in Neurosciences- Neuro-oncology

Required basic qualifications:
Candidates must have a PhD or equivalent degree at the time of application. French candidates must be qualified in one of the following sections: 65, Biologie cellulaire; 66, Physiologie; 69, Neurosciences.


    The candidate will join the team Astrocyte and Vascular Niche within the UMR1239 INSERM, DC2N, Rouen. The general objective of the project is to tackle the glial tumor-brain interface in an original angle by developing molecular and cellular approaches and animal models, particularly by means of electrophysiological and in vivo brain imaging. The candidate must possess a solid expertise in neurophysiology, cell signaling with skills in electrophysiological techniques and/or dynamic imaging in vivo. The mastery of molecular tools to target brain/tumor cell populations will be a plus. The candidate will have free access to the local platforms and services of imaging, proteomic, genomic of IRIB federation, to the expertise of the team and of the platform Cancer and Cognition, and will benefit from the infrastructures available in the central animal facility of the UFR Sciences and Techniques.


    The Assistant professor will teach in the field of Neurosciences and Animal Physiology, including electrophysiology and cellular and molecular neurobiology. She or he will be involved in teaching and mentoring neurosciences and physiology skills, participate to international education and exchanges with foreign researchers involved in international training, and be associated with the development of innovative teaching tools (Tice, e-Learning, etc.) and continuing education.
    The courses concerned are the "Life Sciences", in particular "Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cellular and Physiology", "Sciences for Health" and the Master "Neurosciences" in the "Neuroscience molecular, cellular and integrated" course. Involvement is expected in international thematic schools and new translational training streams.

Host Team:

    The candidate will develop his work in the laboratory of Neuronal and Neuroendocrine Cell Communication and Differentiation (Inserm U1239, Dir. Y. Anouar) whose research is focused on cerebral and neuroendocrine pathologies. The candidate will integrate the "Astrocyte and Vascular Niche" team (Dr. H Castel), whose work focuses on the cellular and pathophysiological mechanisms that control brain tumorigenesis (proliferation, migration, invasion, angiogenesis, resistance to treatment) and impact of cancer and/or cancer therapies on the functions of the central nervous system. The general objective of the team is to understand the determinants of the invasion of the cerebral parenchyma by glial tumor cells and to seek new therapeutic approaches by combining cellular and animal models up to clinical studies.

Contact: Dr Hélène Castel, DR2 Inserm

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Tel : 33-2-35-14-66-30
Inserm U1239
Université de Rouen Normandie


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