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                  Inserm U982 - DC2N Laboratory                                                                        
                  University of Rouen, IRIB
                  Team " Astrocytes and vascular niche”
                  76821 Mont-Saint-Aignan – France
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Nationality - French, German


Dr François Hallouard received a PhD from the University of Lyon 1 in 2012. Since 2006, Dr Hallouard is teaching in Pharmacology (University of Strabourg, Lyon, Rennes and Rouen). Dr Hallouard is currently Pharmacist at the CH of Yvetot and member of the team 3 of  the Inserm U982 (team leader Dr Hélène Castel).
Dr Hallouard is author of 1 patent, 2 chapters of books, 20 publications, 1 conference as invited speaker, 1 oral communication and 20 posters.
Current position – Pharmacist (CH Yvetot), U982, Laboratory of Neuronal and Neuroendocrine Communication and Differentiation. DC2N,


2015    DESC in “Radiopharmacie et Radiobiologie”, University of Rouen
2015    School of Design and animal experimentation (Level I), Oniris, Nantes
2007 - 2013    DES in “Pharmacie Hospitalière et des Collectivités”, University of Lyon I
2009 - 2012     PhD Thesis in “Pharmacotechnie”, University of Lyon I
2009     Master in  “Ingénierie pharmaceutique”, University of Strasbourg
2009     Doctor in Pharmacy, University of Strasbourg
2007 - 2008    DIU in “Prise en charge de l’infection par le VIH”, University of Strasbourg


2015    Pharmacist (CH Yvetot)
2014 - 2015    ATER, University of Rouen
2013 - 2014     ATER, University of Rennes
2013    Post-Doctoral position, University Lyon

Prize and Distinctions

Prize Michel DELALANDE of the French National Academia of Pharmacy (2013).


Biopharmacy, Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Technology, Medical Imaging, Radiopharmacy, Toxicology, Animal experimentation