International Conference on Innovative Solutions: Cancer, Aging and Genetic diseases - e-conference


                           October 27-29, 2020

"Glioblastoma and brain microenvironnement : Is the future in local treatment strategies?"

(Dr Hélène CASTEL)


E-congrès Onconeurotox - 15 Septembre 2020

"Chimiothérapie et autres modèles animaux"

(Dr Hélène CASTEL)


Conference of Cancer & Aging -  October 28-31, 2019 - Wuhan, China

"Glioblastoma cell invasion: Filamin(s)-A in the role of engine and chemokine G-protein coupled receptors"

(Dr Hélène CASTEL) November N°66


8ème International Conference GDR3545-GPCR - October 9-11, 2019 - Montpellier, France

 "Chemokine GPCRs interactors such as G proteins or anchoring partners in the control of gliomagenesis"

(Dr Hélène CASTEL) November N°66

23th annual meeting of the LARC-Neuroscience network - October 10, 2019 - Nantes

 "The urotensin II receptor relays key neurobiological mechanisms in subarachnoid hemorrhage: Efficacy of pathway-targeted drugs on early meningeal damages and long-term brain deficits"

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(Dr Martin PEDARD) November N°66


ANOCEF  -  June, 14-15 2019 - Poitiers 

 "Chemoattraction of glioma cells in a cerebral local trap based on a "smart" hydrogel in a mouse model of glioblastoma resection"

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Canceropole North-West  - 12th meeting                    May, 15-17 2019 - Deauville

 "Répression de l’autophagie par les récepteurs chimiotactiques de type RCPG: impact sur les propriétés invasives des cellules de gliomes"

 3rd price for oral communication
(Daniele CAMPISI)



 Grants from La ligue contre le Cancer and from La Fondation ARC - January 2019           

"Repression of autophagy by chemotactic receptors: impact on invasive properties of glioma cells"
(Dr Fabrice MORIN)

"Nuclear membrane proteins in gliomas and role in genetic instability during migration"
(Dr Hélène CASTEL)

  More information January 59


Convention on Innovative therapeutics for Cancer and Ageing diseases  - 6th Congress   October, 23-26 2018 - Wuhan, China

 "Chemotactic GPCRs in Glioma Development and Reccurence : Looking at G Proteins and Anchoring Proteins as Crossroads"

 Lecture in the symposium "GPCR and Cancer and Aging"
(Dr Hélène CASTEL) December N°58


Regulatory Peptides REGPEP  - 22nd International Symposium   September, 22-25 2018 - Acapulco Diamente, Mexico 

 "Biased signaling of the urotensin II receptors: Still a blind spot between direct coupling and brain physiopathology"

 Lecture and organization of a symposium "Neuroendocrine peptide GPCRs: From function to the therapeutic targets"
(Dr Hélène CASTEL)